TVworkshop Spain

TVworkshop Spain

Are you searching for a unique activity under the Spanish sun? The successful Dutch concept of TVworkshop also exists in Spain!

Do you want to prepare your Dutch team for your adventure in Spain or do you want to surprise your Spanish colleagues with a fun and enervating teambuilding activity? Then go for and make your own movie, lipdub or videoclip under the shining sun in Spain!

Strenghen the bonds between everyone and let everyone enjoy our special workshops. The positive effects of the workshop will remain noticable on the workfloor for many years. The workshops stand for two to five hours of fun. As a perfect ending of the day, the films can be edited directly after the workshop. Watch the films that you made yourself back on the big screen! And when you really want to make your day unforgetable, you can add a real Oscar show, including a golden Oscar, to your workshop! Who will win that Spanish Oscar?

Check out the workshops that we offer in Spain via Do you want to know more about these workshops? Contact the team via or you can reach them by phone via: (+34) 684345090.

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Adiós! See you in Spain!